Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chitta Vritti

Chitta Vritti is basically the sanskrit term for mind chatter-- that thing that causes all of us to have that "monkey mind". It's that constant flow of thoughts running in and out and all over our heads like fighter jets in the middle of a war-- They come speeding through our mind's surface. Some head straight for another and crash. Some fly away without a second glance back. Some circle around as if they want to threaten our lives. Some drop explosive bombs that linger for quite some time in our mind's landscapes.

So, part of yoga's main focuses is to release our endlessly grasping minds of the burden of this Chitta Vritti. Once a person has really began to reap the benefits of the practice, they start to realize that we can take the reins and be masters of our own minds. We start to realize how much we live in our heads, and how a lot of the time, we are kept from being joyful because of the nonstop mental dialogue- full of judgements, doubts, and endless story lines- some which are completely false and far from reality.

The heart of yoga, to me, is being in the present moment... It's about being complete and content at any given moment- not before this that and the other happens- but now. It's about allowing our thoughts and emotions to be with us (they are not going anywhere), but not letting them conquer us and eat us up and spit us out. It's about being able to distinguish between true thoughts and false thoughts-- the beneficial, necessary thoughts and the ones we can let go of because they simply do not serve us in any way except to take us out of this present moment- the one and only place where our innate joy can always come alive.


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