Thursday, April 7, 2011

Staying Grounded in the midst of a Daydream

So, these days, I'm kind of half-way in La-La Land, and halfway in reality. Let's get real, I am graduating from college 16 days from right now. Actually, I will be graduated already in exactly 16 days. I will be lounging around the pool or taking a leisurely bike ride in 16 days from right now... with absolutely no more school work to do. How the hell am I supposed to focus on anything that is due within the next few days? It's not like I am riding a thin line between grades in any of my classes, which is wonderful, but at the same time, at this point, I need that kind of situation to motivate me to get my head out of the clouds, and freaking concentrate. I am a focused gal, I'd say, and I get my shit done. But you know what, when I have thoughts of my family celebrating, studying Hindu scriptures and being taught HOW TO TEACH yoga!? How am I supposed to focus? Oh, not to mention that 4-month trip to Italy my boyfriend and I are taking in August.

We all know what's coming- Thank God for Yoga.

Yoga really does have the power to bring me back to the present... probably the most effective thing I can do to keep myself here, and concentrated. I have two stories left to turn in, and half of a novel to read... all before Tuesday. It's fine, and I will get it done. But I do not want to just "get it done." I want to get it done, and go out with a bang. I am trying not to put pressure on myself, but both of the stories I am writing about interest me greatly, and I want to make sure I do them right.

Today, in yoga, I kept thinking when exactly I will have time to write and read. My mind was jumbled, and I kept changing my mind about where, when, and how I would do my work. But finally, about halfway through class, I believe I was in warrior 3, balancing on my left leg with my arms and one leg outstretched....when I said to myself, "Shut-up, okay? Cut yourself a frickin break. You will get them done, and just trust they will be done well." Trust is the key word for me. If I believe and know I am capable of getting things done well, I will be more at ease, and that is what yoga helps me to do. If I am constantly thinking about what I have to do next, or later, or tomorrow, or the next day, or next week, how could I possibly enjoy myself?

So, I realized today, that, within the next couple of days, I will be calm, and take one task at a time. The main factor that will allow me to do these things, is my ability to trust and to believe in myself. Thanks to yoga. Not to mention, I will keep reminding myself that this weekend is the very last weekend, possibly in my entire life, that I will have to do "homework".


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